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Down below, you will find testimonials from all the wonderful women I got the chance to coach on a 1:1 level. I am so grateful and proud for each and every one of those ladies who had the courage to invest in themselves and truly commit to their transformation.

I came into this sceptical. Never had I ever tried life coaching nor thought it could benefit me. But I was in a very tough place when I ran across Cinthya’s Instagram account, and I thought “okay, let’s try this”.

The changes that happened in my life throughout the 12-week program have been tremendous. And I believe most of them I wouldn’t have had the guts to do if it wasn’t for Cinthya’s constant encouragement and words of wisdom. She gave me the tools and the courage to make decisions and take actions that continue to impact my life positively even after our weekly calls have ended.

I felt listened to and seen throughout the program. Cinthya remembers everything you spoke about and checks to see if you’ve had any progress or setback in your goals. And she has always been present to listen even between our calls.

I’m grateful to this experience and feel I have gained a friend I can confide in.

So if you’re still on the fence about it, definitely schedule a call with Cinthya and you’ll see for yourself!

Summer, Expat in France, from Egypt

My weekly session with Cinthya is the highlight of my week.


She is a joy to work with and has helped me find better balance in both my professional, and personal life.


After our sessions, I always feel rejuvenated and motivated, with a new perspective and tools to help me achieve my goals.


Cinthya is a great listener, is incredibly insightful and supportive. She challenges me every week to make small changes that, so far, have made a great impact.


I recommend Cinthya to anyone who is looking for better balance and support in achieving their goals.

Shannon, Expat in England, from the USA

Oh my goodness, where do I begin?!

I have had quite the transformational experience with Cinthya! I have been working with Cinthya for about 14 weeks now and have shed so many layers over that time! Cinthya is genuinely caring and interested in you as a person and how you want to improve your life. She's cheering you on during the highs and helps you to work through the lows (cause that's life).

I am in a completely different mindset and country to where I was before I met Cinthya. I got to the point in my self-discovery and improvement journey where I needed someone to start asking me the hard questions and dig deeper. It certainly helped to be accountable to someone else too.


I am now much more content in all areas of my life; I can honestly say that I love me, I have much more confidence in my communication and connections with others. I am excited to jump back into the dating pool, I'm living in more alignment to my values and am being truer to myself and no longer hiding my authenticity from others.


I am standing back in my power. 

Claire, Expat in Costa Rica, from England

Cinthya is an amazing coach who helped me in so many ways.

I was feeling very lost and unsure of what to do about my career. Cinthya helped me figure out what I want to do with my life and helped me make a plan to achieve my goals. I am so grateful to have met Cinthya and have taken a 12-week course with her that was totally life-changing!

Thank you!!!!

Chloe, Expat in France, from England

Cinthya is an amazing Coach. She created a safe space where I felt welcomed.

She allowed me to talk my heart out and patiently listened with kindness and no judgement.

Cinthya is doing her best to find the good in you, what makes you happy and lift you as much as possible.

After the session I had more clarity and understanding.

Thank you for your time.

Shari, Expat in England, from Czech Republic

Cinthya is a fantastic coach. She has a patient, calm and soothing approach and style.

During our sessions, I feel confident and relaxed. This allows me the opportunity to open up and be honest which is something I have found challenging previously.

Cinthya has helped me overcome various thoughts and beliefs that I didn't really want where there and that held me back. I feel empowered and I am starting to finally feel happy within myself!

Thank you Cinthya for this life changing opportunity!


What a beautiful person Cinthya is, inside and out.


She was very patient with me and listened intently. She helped me to remove my blind spots and I was then able to see what was staring me in the face. Constantly encouraged me and kept me accountable.


I found her very easy to talk to and feel like I've known her for years.


A truly wonderful coach. 


Cinthya is very patient and open in her approach.


I could feel that she didn't judge and was there to help me to become clear on my struggles and to get the best out of myself.


She also has a very bright personality which immediately made me feel so much lighter!


Cinthya is a fantastic coach.


She brought a special warmth to our session and a feeling of relief as we hit some target areas.


Love her style and would love to work with her again.



Cinthya is a lovely person and kind mentor, who coached me through a time when I was lacking direction.


I really appreciated how she set me homework tasks to do, and was there throughout the week to check in with me. It’s absolutely worth it because she supports your growth and gives you that push, while reminding you that everything exists already inside you. You just need someone to guide you to see that for yourself.


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