Oh my goodness, where do I begin?!

I have had quite the transformational experience with Cinthya! I have been working with Cinthya for about 14 weeks now and have shed so many layers over that time! Cinthya is genuinely caring and interested in you as a person and how you want to improve your life. She's cheering you on during the highs and helps you to work through the lows (cause that's life).

I am in a completely different mindset and country to where I was before I met Cinthya. I got to the point in my self-discovery and improvement journey where I needed someone to start asking me the hard questions and dig deeper. It certainly helped to be accountable to someone else too.


I am now much more content in all areas of my life; I can honestly say that I love me, I have much more confidence in my communication and connections with others. I am excited to jump back into the dating pool, I'm living in more alignment to my values and am being truer to myself and no longer hiding my authenticity from others.


I am standing back in my power.