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My current 1:1 coaching services

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Dancing with Joy

My most powerful offer, for the woman who is truly committed to her transformation

This is the exact process I went through to go from feeling like something was missing in my life to feeling like everyday is the best day I’ve ever had.

I have packaged into this program all my learnings, experiences, everything that I know will help you become the happiest, most fulfilled woman ever.

After 8 weeks of coaching, you will be transformed, have in your possession the tools needed to live a life you cannot wait to get up to every day and the mindset to support it all.


3-Hour Intensive

An immersive coaching experience to get you unstuck from your current life blocks and give you everything you need to start that transformation journey. 

Perfect for the woman who is feeling unclear and wants to create a clear, aligned vision and set exciting goals for a fulfilled and happy life

3 hour coaching call with full life audit, personalised set of core values, goal setting + session recording and full written debrief.

Learn more about this program here

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One-Off Session

Feel like you need a boost of confidence and motivation to move forward in life?

Want to work on a limiting belief, discuss a specific challenge you are facing or talk about something on your mind?

The one-off session will be tailored to your specific need, You will be required to fill in a pre-session questionnaire so that you get the most out of your session. 

Option for the session to be recorded and sent to you.

Price: £150 for 1.5 hour

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