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Image by Sharon McCutcheon


A 3 hour immersive coaching experience

Image by Artem Beliaikin


  • A 3 hour immersive coaching experience

  • To get you unstuck from your current life blocks and start your transformation process

  • Gain clarity in who you are and create a clear vision and goals

  • An amazing fulfilment boost

Who is this for?

Image by Hybrid

How you'll feel after this

  • Motivated 

  • Self aware

  • With a plan in mind and steps to move forward

  • Relieved and ready!

  • Confident in your vision and goals

Image by Luke Besley

What's included

  • 3 hour coaching call

  • Full life audit: we will look at and assess all areas of your life to see where you need to focus 

  • Goal setting

  • Your own value set so that you can take aligned action towards your fulfilled life

  • Session recording

  • Full written debrief with my notes and extra info

Price: £333

Image by Luke Besley
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