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I’ve always been an ambitious dreamer. I remember being at school back home in France and wanting to become a dancer on stage for my favourite singer.

Later in my teenage years, I often found myself lost in books, trying to escape the reality of a world where I had no real friends and where I felt lonely, judged and used.

I became so convinced that I was unworthy of having friends that I did everything I could to impress, suppressing my true self one day at a time.

I managed to escape this toxic environment and move to another school. I wasn’t lonely any more, but something was still missing. It’s almost like I knew there was something else in this world for me, something bigger, better. Something I could feel but had to idea how to reach.

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After a year at uni studying English and German, I decided I was going to pack and become a nanny in the USA for the summer. I was 19, first time travelling abroad and on my own. On the other side of the Atlantic was the start of a new, exciting adventure for me. This was the trip that made me realise how much happiness travelling and living abroad could bring me. I remember thinking: 

“I never want this to stop. I am going to keep discovering new countries and live abroad. This is going to be amazing!” 

And I did just that. I went and studied in Germany, lived in Australia, Cambodia and England. I was living what looked like the dream life. Seeing wonderful parts of the world, travelling, meeting amazing people and eating the most delicious food. I thought I figured it out. But slowly, it all started to fade away. I still felt empty and like I had no real purpose.

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I made the decision at that point that I was going to study and work in hospitality as it would allow me to do things I really enjoyed: speaking different languages, travelling and having conversations with people.

The truth is, I wasn’t actually enjoying it.

I jumped from hotel to hotel thinking this was going to solve my pain. I became stressed, overworked, anxious and simply not enjoying life.

I was keeping myself busy without realising it was my way of hiding the fact that I was unhappy. I continued working in a career I no longer enjoyed because I thought this was all I was capable of being good at and because I enjoyed feeling appreciated for my work.

All the while, I was living abroad and dealing with the difficulties this brought to my life: the feeling homesick, the struggle to make “real”, strong friendships and loneliness. I didn’t know what to do any more, I felt like I spent years studying something I now hated and turned my passion for travelling into something that made me feel even more confused. I felt unfulfilled and lacking purpose.

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It all came to an end when I was forced to stop work for months and had to stay home with little to no access to the outside world.

Days of slowing down stripped away all the layers I had created over the years and left me with only myself.

For the first time in years, I wasn’t doing anything I didn’t want to do. This made me realise I had lost myself and was heading in the completely wrong direction.

At first, I felt confused and sad. It became clear to me that I had been trying to change my environment, hoping it would bring me fulfilment and happiness but actually had no idea what I really wanted in life.

After a while, I rediscovered my love for self-development, mindfulness and yoga.

I spent everyday learning and coaching myself.

This introspection allowed me to completely reconnect and find the things that truly made me happy.

I started a new online project where I shared my insights on positivity and everyday ways to be happier.

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I came to the conclusion that hospitality was not a passion and that the sole reason I was doing it was because I thought this was the only thing I was really good at that could make me money.

However, after days of self-reflection, listening to inspiring podcasts and most importantly, coaching myself and using the right questions, I had this light bulb moment where I thought to myself: 

“Could I really turn my passion for making others happy into a career?”

I quit my job and decided I was going to put my whole into this new project and become a life coach.

I think I always knew this was possible but felt like I had to fit in this society mould for so many years.
With the help of coaching, I found clarity and slowly started to feel connected again.
I realised I did not have to continue working within an industry I didn’t feel right being in, even though it was what I studied.
I realised I could continue travelling the world while creating my own business and help women just like me find their true purpose and become their happiest self.

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I now wake up excited, inspired and am happier than ever.
I live in the moment, do the things I know make me feel good and live the life I know I deserve. I've created my own version of success and no longer feel like I need to have a conventional life to be accepted and loved. 
I travel the world, spend time with loved ones while working on helping others find clarity and become their happiest self, just like I did.

I am a multi-passionate being with many careers who has given meaning to her life and have created more freedom for myself.

If you too are tired of feeling lost and know you have it in you to create your own version of a dream life and feel fully happy, book a complimentary session where I will tell you exactly how you can make it happen!

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